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Is Aluminum Cookware Safe?

There has been a lot of discussion and talk regarding aluminum cookware safety and whether it is toxic. Many claim that aluminum cookware dangers result from trace elements of aluminum seeping in into the food cooked in this type of cookware. Some studies have even suggested that there may also be a link between aluminum […]

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How to Season Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is a favorite with serious chefs and home cooks and is known for its excellent nonstick surface and even heating abilities. The best cast iron cookware will last forever if properly cared for and maintained and seasoning cast iron cookware correctly is necessary to maintain its nonstick surface as well as preventing […]

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What to Look for When Buying a Deep Fat Fryer

The technique of frying is believed to have originated in the Middle East around 2000 years BC, making this an age old method of cooking. Today, deep fat fryers are the versatile cooking appliance of choice for frying and are found in almost all kitchens throughout the world. Deep fried foods are a favorite with […]

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How to Clean Copper Cookware

Copper is a versatile metal that we find in many forms from pipes to jewellery to cookware. Some copper is finished with a lacquer to stop it tarnishing so all it needs is a wash in warm soapy water and drying completely to avoid watermarks developing. However, copper finished in this way should never be […]

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Enameled Cookware vs Bare Cast Iron Cookware

A chef is only as good as their tools, and if you want to whip up some delicious foody treats then you’re going to need some high quality cookware. However, finding the best cookware to suit your needs is not as easy as it seems. A cast iron pan is a type of cooking tool […]

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What is the T-Fal Red Spot?

T-Fal is one of the most well-know and well respected manufacturers of cookware. They have ranges to suit every cook and every household, and it wouldn’t be unexpected to find at least one T-Fal product in every kitchen. One of the main features of the T-Fal range is the famous red spot. The point of […]

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Are Pressure Cookers Safe?

Generally, there is nothing to worry about when using a pressure cooker, they work very well. In fact it’s usually ’operator error’ that causes most of the accidents with  pressure cookers, failure to follow the proper manufacturer’s instructions is probably the greatest danger of pressure cooking. Pressure cookers made today are usually built with multiple […]

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What Is The Healthiest Type Of Cookware?

There is no doubt that as a society we are becoming far more aware of what we put in our bodies. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important to keeping our bodies in optimal condition, and there are millions of recipes out there aiming to teach people how to eat healthily without losing out […]

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