Is Aluminum Cookware Safe?

There has been a lot of discussion and talk regarding aluminum cookware safety and whether it is toxic. Many claim that aluminum cookware dangers result from trace elements of aluminum seeping in into the food cooked in this type of cookware. Some studies have even suggested that there may also be a link between aluminum cookware and Alzheimer’s disease. So is aluminum cookware safe?

The Dangers of Consuming Aluminum

Aluminum is toxic! But before you go and throw out all of your best aluminum cookware sets it can only cause health issues or problems in large concentrations and it is very unlikely that frying an omelet in your favorite aluminum pan is going to cause any health issues at all.

Aluminum is actually one of the most common elements found in our environment; you will even find it in many foods, in your water, and even in over-the-counter medications and prescriptions such as antiperspirants, antacids and Aspirin.

Most of the aluminum we do digest is quickly passed harmlessly through the digestive tract and only a tiny trace amount is actually absorbed. Typically you will consume between 30mg to 50mg of aluminum per day and you don’t even realize it.

Aluminum Cookware Health how Much is Transferred Through Cookware?

Aluminum-Cookware-safeIt’s true, aluminum cookware can sometimes react with certain foods especially foods with high vinegar or acid content such as tomato sauce. This reaction in the aluminum cookware leaks very small amounts of aluminum into the foods you are cooking; we are talking about trace amounts which are really unnoticeable.

Researchers took untreated aluminum cookware and cooked tomato sauce in a pan to study aluminum cookware dangers and how much aluminum actually leaked into the food. Their findings resulted in only 3mg of aluminum per serving, which is less than 10% of the average daily recommended consumption.

So even using untreated aluminum cookware the dangers are very low and far too little to pose any type of health risk.

If you are still concerned you can always choose to buy treated aluminum cookware, this type of cookware is unable to react with foods. There are a variety of processes used when manufacturing treated aluminum cookware, anodized aluminum pots and pans for example uses an electrical current and a chemical bath to fuse and bind aluminum onto the cookware.

Also try not to store acid foods in aluminum or other metal containers for long periods of time. The aluminum will build in concentration when acid foods are cooked or stored in them for several hours or even days.


Is aluminum cookware safe? The bottom line is that aluminum cookware is not dangerous and will not pose any health risks to you, the end-user.  Even if your aluminum pots and pans are pitted, scratched and look like they have seen better days the amount of aluminum that actually leaks into food is negligible and is far less than that consumed through other methods.

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